Summer in Esther's Cookery

From July 15th until August 31st Esther's Cookery is open for lunch

Starting July 15 we are celebrating the summer in Esther's Cookery with daily lunches!

I cook, you just enjoy!

Starting on July 15th you are welcome to sit down at our beautiful table for a vegetarian lunch.

Our kitchen is open from 11:00 - 15:00 or until sold out. The menu is fixed but will be different every day and reservation is not needed.

*Kashrut Policy*

Eating kosher in Amsterdam doesn't mean you have to bring your own food or travel to the outskirts of the city during your short holiday.

Lunches in Esther's Cookery is the perfect way to provide flexible access to delicious kosher food in the city center of Amsterdam. Fusing my passion for cooking using fresh, healthy ingredients with my desire to provide good kosher food to travelers in Amsterdam.

Kashrut Policy Kosher Amsterdam does not work under rabbinical supervision. I am in regular correspondence with rabbis regarding the ingredients. I am very well versed in halacha and make sure that no aspect of kashrut is left out. My “open-kitchen” policy means that you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that everything is 100% kosher and that nothing is hidden. I use only kosher ingredients and no meat products are used in the kitchen.