Esther’s Cookery is a vegetarian cooking studio that offers cooking workshops, parties and private dining.

Esther’s Cookery is passionate about creating authentic dishes that combine traditional and contemporary recipes, wholesome foods and sustainable produce. These values are central to all activities that we have to offer.


Prepare a meal with friends, family or colleagues? Looking for a private dinner? Or like to have a fun party with snacks and cocktails, much is possible in Esther's Cookery.


Every month you can enjoy a vegetarian 5-course dinner with your friends, family or colleagues in our pop-up restaurant


Workshops at Esther’s Cookery offer groups an opportunity to experience and share in her knowledge of cuisines from across the globe and her vision for healthy but tasty vegetarian and pescatarian eating!

During a cooking workshop, the group will prepare a full meal using wholesome ingredients and sustainable produce. The group can consist of friends, family, or perhaps a team from an organisation or workplace. Children are welcome and workshops specific to children are also provided.

From authentic Jewish traditions to homemade Italian dishes, to even Vegan cuisine, Esther’s Cookery workshops demonstrate that healthy eating does not need to be ‘difficult’, that healthy food does not need to be any less tasty and that you can incorporate your own interpretations of recipes and cooking ideas.

Join our workshop instructors, get inspired and get cooking!


Make a booking and join us at Esther’s Cookery for an unforgettable food experience with family, friends or colleagues for a special lunch or dinner.

By eating together at Esther’s Cookery, in your own private kitchen, you are guaranteed an enjoyable afternoon or evening, stress-free and without having to do the dishes!

Together we can create a menu that suits the requirements of your guests. Once the menu has been agreed upon, we’ll do the rest.


International, full of taste, color and with innovative ingredients and forgotten vegetables. That way you can best describe our surprising kitchen. After the great success of the Vegetarian Restaurant Week we organize a dinner once a month.

Dishes from all the books of our hero Yotam Ottolenghi, from home-made pita to charcoal kohlrabi with thyme. Home made sour, kimchi, pickled cucumbers and of course a grand desert. We make a menu and serve it in many courses with matching wines.


Vegetarian cooking at Esther's Cookery 

During a cooking workshop in Esther's Cookery we prepare together with a group a complete meal with fresh and sustainable products. 

More and more people want a day without meat or go all over to vegetarian food. But how do you cook? How to make a complete, healthy and delicious meal without meat or fish.

Cooking with friends, family or colleagues is a good way to introduce the vegetarian kitchen. During a cooking workshop at Esther's Cookery you learn how to cook with legumes, tempeh, tofu and many vegetables and herbs. Learn how to cook a delicious meal without meat.

Book a private workshop or sign up for one of our open workshops

The cooking workshops are of course not only to learn to cook vegetarian and delicious. During our cooking workshop there is a lot of room for fun! You can book a private workshop with a group of friends, colleagues or family, but you can also sign up for one of our open workshops. This way you can also get to know a group of new people and their way of cooking.

Sample cooking workshops include the following themes:

Recipes from Yotam Ottolenghi

During this workshop we prepare a full meal with erecipes of Yotam Ottolenghi. We will cook from the books Jerusalem, Nopi, Plenty and of course Plenty More. Combinations like you've never tasted before!

You also learn how to burn vegetables on an open fire. An evening full of surprising ways to prepare food with of course a great dinner as a result.

Around the World

In this cooking workshop you will travel all around the world. All the different spices, fresh and sweet flavors from around the world will come forward in the workshop.

Wherever we will go, there are plenty of special cuisines that are not to go unnoticed! That is why the possibilities with the menus are unlimited.

Authentic Turkish Cuisine

During this workshop, you can prepare a surprising vegetarian feast. On this evening there will be no such thing as following a book, but only cooking from the traditional cuisine.

On this night you can expect lots of different dishes, such as stuffed artichoke, vegetarian Köfte, home made Börek and lots more!

Also, every dish is easy to cook at home.