Esther’s Cookery is a vegetarian cooking studio that offers cooking workshops, parties and private dining.

Esther’s Cookery is passionate about creating authentic dishes that combine traditional and contemporary recipes, wholesome foods and sustainable produce. These values are central to all activities that we offer.

At Esther's Cookery we want you to see, feel and taste the real Dutch kitchen.

Esther's Cookery at the heart of the Amsterdam Pijp
You can find Esther's Cookery in the heart of the Pijp, Amsterdam, within walking distance from the famous Albert Cuyp market and many more enjoyable attractions. Discover the many sides of typical Dutch food and experience the International flavours that will inspire you for years to come. Workshops at Esther’s Cookery offer an opportunity to experience and share in knowledge of Dutch dishes and cuisines from across the globe.

Cooking workshops
We will cook together during your private workshop during the cooking you will hear a lot of background information about the products and the recipes. We will be using fresh ingredients and most vegetables will come from our own organic vegetable garden.
With Esther’s Dutch Jewish background we bring an extra dimension to the kitchen giving even more flavour and stories to your workshop.After each workshop all participantsenjoy the meal they prepared or when the group is no larger than 10 people the group can eat as we go in our beautiful and open kitchen. 
After each workshop all participants enjoy the meal they prepared or when the group is no larger than 10 people the group can eat as we go in our beautiful and open kitchen.  
Workshop themes

There's much more to Dutch food than raw herring and smashed potatoes. With a long colonial and multicultural history, there's plenty of diversity to be found in the top Dutch foods. It’s beautiful simplicity is both surprising and full of taste we will use the many flavours of ingredients that can be found in the Netherlands and of course during this workshop we will gladly cook with fish.

During our workshop Dutch Dishes we will make vegetarian mustard soup, or our version of a pie soup. We can make traditional (Jewish) haring salad with red cole and green apples, sea fish crispy baked on the skin served with seasonal vegetables grown on our own garden. We will make a vegetarian boerenkoolstamppot with potato, onions, nuts and kale.

As a desert it will be hard to choose between stroopkoeken (the two cookies stuck together with a layer of sweet syrup) or poffertjes, the little puffy pancakes eaten with caster sugar and butter. So lets not choose and make them both!

Do you want to spoil yourself that let us know and we will make you a cheese platter with all sorts of great dutch cheeses home made pear jam and typical Dutch farmers bread.

Dutch dishes
In Esther's Cookery there are many more cooking themes you can choose from authentic Jewish traditions to homemade Italian dishes, to even Vegan cuisine. We specialise in Ottolenghi style cooking using all of his cookbooks or Tel Aviv style cooking with much fire, tahini and colors. From home made pita to charcoal kohlrabi with thyme. Home made kimchi, pickled cucumbers and of course many deserts.
All of our food is vegetarian, kosher and hallal. Depending on your choice we can make a nice menu for you. And depending what kind of cooking you like, a bit more advanced or more a cooking party with easy recipes.

Price list cooking workshop

  • Workshop per person

  • Drinks

    The drinks can be paid after the workshop in the Cookery via pin, cash, creditcard or via invoice when paid by the agency
  • All ingredients, aprons, cleaner, recipes

    Included in the price

Price list workshop options

  • Cooking with fish

    €7,95 p.p.
  • Home made welcome snacks

    €8,50 p.p.
  • Visit to the Albert Cuyp Market for shopping

    €50,- (maximum of 10 people)
  • Extra time

    €39,- per hour
    The duration of a workshop is 2.5 hours. Of course it’s possible to book more time to have a longer welcome drink or stay after the workshop.
Amsterdam tours
We gladly welcome tourguides to start or and their tour at Esther’s Cookery. The Cookery is mostly available for these kinds of activities until 14:00. We can welcome your guests with coffee, espresso, cappuccino (normal or soy milk), tea, mint/ginger/kurkuma tea and/or tab water and home made appeltaart.
We have space for many people at our table but 15 people will sit most comfortably. You can explain and start the tour while people get to know each other and enjoy our typical appeltaart and Brandmeesters coffee or different kinds of tea. The price per person depends on how many people you will bring per week.
<10 people per week €4,- per person
10 people per week €3,80 per person
20 people per week €3,50 per person
30 people per week €3,10 per person
More people/groups  €2,90 per person
Extra options
Freshly made fruit juices €3,60 per person
Freshly made green juices €3,90 per person

Make a booking and join us at Esther’s Cookery for an unforgettable food experience!